Miyazaki International CollegeMiyazaki International College

Campus Life


Main Building/ First Building/ Second Building

International Exchange Lounge
Main Building
A shared space where students can engage in activities as they like, such as studying and chatting with friends.
Main Building
A lounge where students can study during breaks, eat meals, and enjoy their spare time.
Self-Development Center
Main Building

Students can study here throughout the day. Individual booths are available and conducive to focused study.

Computer Room
Main building /Second Building

With the campus-wide wireless LAN system, you can access the Internet anywhere at MIC.

Learning Commons
Second Building
A shared space where students can choose from a range of unique booths to study in, including the Flash Zone (ideal for discussions with a few people), the Realization Zone (ideal for group work), and the Concentration Zone (ideal for private study).

4th Building

(a shared facility with Miyazaki Gakuen Junior College)

1F  Home Economics Room

2F  Business Seminar Room / Childcare Training Room/ Music and Exercise Room

3F  Cooking Lab / Large Classroom

4F  Science Room / Computer Room / Arts and Crafts Room

Miyazaki Gakuen Library

The library is equipped with a Reading Room, AV Room, computers, Group Study Rooms, etc., and it proudly holds more than 150,000 books of various academic disciplines and genres in both Japanese and foreign languages.

1F Reception・Internet・Printers・Reading Room (magazines)

2F Reading Room (Japanese books)・Conference Room・Group Study Rooms(2)

3F Reading Room (foreign books)・AV Room・Microfilm Room・Preparation Room・Multi-Purpose Room

4F Laboratory・Language Laboratory Room (LL Room)・Study Room

International Exchange Center

There is a cafeteria, vending machines, and an Education Center on the ground level. This space is filled with students from the college and neighboring junior college during lunch time.

The second floor is the on-campus dormitory for male international students. Each room is equipped with a bed, desk, closet, bath, toilet, shower, washing machine, free Wifi and A/C. Residents share a kitchen and lounge.

■Monthly Cost and Fees

Rent:      JPY26,000 including utility

1F Education Center・Cafeteria

2F On-campus dormitory for male international students