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Campus Life


Many students live in College Town Kokusai (48,500-53,500 yen/month, water and meals included), conveniently located within a three-minute walk of campus. There are also many apartments close by, and local real-estate agents can help you find one. Below is a list of agents that currently-enrolled students have worked with:

Residence Location Rent Food Service Internet Disrtance from Campus Remarks
International Center On campus 26,000JPY Shared kitchen (No food service) Yes, free of charge On campus

For male international students

Curfew: 22:00

Utility: included

International Share House Yoshimura-cho, Miyazaki-city

23,000JPY for single room

19,000JPY for twin room

Shared kitchen (No food service) Resident must prepare service Shuttle bus to campus (Free of charge) For male international students
Collegetown Kokusai Kiyotake-cho, Miyazaki city 48,500JPY~


Breakfast & Dinner

Yes, free of charge 3 min. walk Water fee is included.
Contracts without meals are not possible.
Leopalace Gendo ll Kiyotake-cho, Miyazaki city 35,500JPY~ No Yes, 2,268JPY/ month 10min. by bus Guarantor is not required.
Local Apartments Inquiry required 25,000~50,000JPY No Availability will vary Depends on location First month additional realtor fees. In most cases, a Japanese guarantor is required. MIC will be a guarantor for properties of the designated realtors.

On-campus housing/ International Center

On-campus housing is available for male international students. Each room is equipped with a bed, desk, closet, bath, toilet, shower, washing machine, A/C and free Wifi. Residents share a kitchen and lounge.

Rent: 26,000JPY/month
*Wifi and utility costs included.


International Share House

Single house to be shared with other Japanese students. 3 Single rooms and 1 twin rooms to be shared with another student are available. Maximum occupancy is 5. Located at 15-minute drive from the campus but free shuttle bus is availble every morning and afternoon for free of charge. Each room is equipped with a bed, desk and closet. Residents share a kitchen, bath, toilet, washing machine and lounge. 

Rent: 23,000JPY/month.
          *19,000JPY/person/month for double occupancy.
          *WiFi and utility costs included.


Local Apartments

Kiyotake Town, where we are located, and the surrounding area is also home to 4 other universities and 2 junior colleges, including our sister school, Miyazaki Gakuen Junior College. Because we are in a university town, there are many apartments suitable for students available in the area. Listed below is the contact information for local realtors.  The Global Education Center will be happy to give assistance to international students in search of apartments.

Here is some information about local apartments.

Leopalace 21

TEL:0800-603-5091 FAX:0985-29-6033

Apaman Shop Miyazaki Nishi-ten ※Dealer of College Town Kokusai

TEL:0985-89-5850  FAX:0985-89-4841

Seiwa Sangyou

TEL:0985-51-8086 FAX:0985-51-8087

Roman Tochi Tatemono Center

TEL:0985-85-5221 FAX:0985-85-7738

Best Housing

TEL:0985-58-3601 FAX:0985-58-3717

Kyoei House

TEL:0985-85-2772 FAX:0985-85-2618

Hope Jutaku

TEL:0985-28-0100 FAX:0985-28-3714

Miyazaki South Real Estate

TEL:0800-809-8926 FAX:0985-53-7884


TEL:0985-84-6520 FAX:0985-84-5320


TEL:0985-77-6555 FAX:0985-77-6556