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Campus Life

Student from Thailand!

Why did you choose MIC?

The reason that I chose MIC is because I want to learn Japanese culture and language. Also, Miyazaki is a good place to live. It is not like a big city, so it has a lot of nature and nice places to visit. Furthermore, I can learn and have more opportunities to speak Japanese.

What do you think is a good point of this College? 

MIC’s School of International Liberal Arts has a very good education system. They control the number of students in class. There are usually no more than 20 people in a class, so teachers can teach and help students in personalized ways. Also, the activities in class are very interesting and help students to improve their speaking, reading, and writing skills. Moreover, most of MIC’s faculty are from different parts of the world, so students can learn about other cultures from native perspectives.

How is your Campus Life? 

Friends are...

I have very good relationships with my friends at MIC. It was a little bit hard at first, because I could not speak any Japanese. However, everyone is very friendly and my fiends always help me when I am in need.

Living in Miyazaki is...

Miyazaki is a very nice place to live, especially Aoshima, which is the place I go to see the sunset with my friends.

Club activities are...

MIC has many club activities. I joined the dance club. My friends and I formed a dance group and we perform in many events and our College Festival.

Please tell me about Japanese class.

*International students can take supplementary classes to learn Japanese.

What have you learned?

I have learned many things in my Japanese classes, such as expression, slang, kanji, and Japanese culture. These skills help me to live in Japan, to understand Japanese culture better, and teach me the things I should and shouldn’t do in Japanese culture. So, I’m very glad I have taken these classes.

What the point of helpful and Why?

These classes are important for me because I want to work in Japan after I graduate, which requires Japanese skills. I want to improve my Japanese language skills in order to work in a Japanese company in the future.

What the Goal for you? 

First, I want to pass the highest level of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). If I am able to pass this level, I can apply to a Japanese company or become a guide or translator.