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Campus Life

Student from Hong Kong

The environment of MIC

Compared to Hong Kong, Miyazaki is a quiet city, The climate is mild throughout the year and it's possible to do surfing even in winter.

MIC classes are very active and students are enthsiastic. About 95% of the classes are conducted in English My English is not very good yet, but all of my teachers are bery supportie and helpful. If I don't understand something in the class, I just ask them and they are always happy to explain. My Japanese is not good enough either, but I have been able to make friends easily by communicating with them in English and Japanese.

My current goal is to improve my English level to a TOEIC score of at least 800. I would like to find a job in Japan after I graduate MIC.

If you want to learn quiet and safe environment, Miyazaki is a good place. Also, MIC is a place you can learn liberal arts, English and Japanese at the same time.

My Apartment!
Monthly Living Costs
Apartment 35,000JPY
Electricity 1,700JPY
Water 1,000JPY
Food 15,000JPY
Cell phone 4,600JPY
Others 4,200JPY
Total 64,500JPY
Camping with MIC students and teachers in April. I could make many friends in the first week at MIC.