School of Education

School of education does not admit international students.

Aspects of Education

2 Courses of Study

Students may select either the Elementary/Kindergarten Course or Kindergarten/Nursery School Course, depending on the license they wish to obtain. Each course offers a specialized curriculum designed to develop individuals with the practical skills necessary to make them good teachers.

Unique General Education Couses – “Shinobugaoka Kyoyo”

In this program, students study in small groups, engaging in active learning to acquire knowledge and understanding of regional history and culture, an experience that cannot be had in other courses. Shinobugaoka Kyoyo courses are designed to develop educators equipped with a rich sense of humanity and a high level of cultural education.

Advanced English and Music Education

Students in the School of Education graduate with a rich cultural education and the practical skills necessary to become a good teacher. Furthermore, specialists in English language and music education equip you with the English conversation (an absolute necessity for elementary school) and piano and singing skills they need as teachers. We also have an excellent skills training program designed to ensure success on the teacher employment examination.

Teacher Licence Programs

[Elementary/Kindergarten Course]

  • Level 1 Elementary School Teacher License
  • Level 1 Kindergarten Teacher License

[Kindergarten/Nursery School Course]

  • Level 1 Kindergarten Teacher License
  • Nursery School Instructor Certification

Career Choices

[Elementary/Kindergarten Course]
Elementary school teacher, kindergarten teacher, education-related companies, local public organizations, etc.

[Kindergarten/Nursery School Course]
Kindergarten teacher, nursery school teacher, certified children centers, child welfare facilities, nursery school and kindergarten education-related companies, local public organizations, etc.