Online Application


Online Application

Welcome to Miyazaki International University’s online application system!

This system is available to international applicants in order to complete MIU’s online application. If you are an undergraduate applicant and possess Japanese nationality (including dual Japanese nationality) of any form, please click here for your information/application.

By using our online application system, you can:
  • register your information online
  • pay your application fee by credit card
    but you still need to:
  • print out your application form and send it to us along with other necessary documents by mail.

Flowchart of MIU’s Online Application System

  1. Preparation
  2. Access “MIU’s Online Application System”
  3. Register your mail address
  4. Fill in application information
  5. Pay application fee
  6. Receive “Receipt Number”
  7. Download and print out your application form
  8. Send application documents by mail
  • Please read carefully the admissions information at
  • Please prepare a smart phone or personal computer which is connectable to internet and a printer.
    Recommended OS and browser:

    Microsoft WindowsVista/Windows7/
    Apple MacOS X
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (Vista 9) Apple Safari*
    Mozilla Firefox* Mozilla Firefox*
    Google Chrome* Google Chrome*
    Microsoft Edge*

    *Newest version.

    Note: Internet applications may not be available for some older versions of browsers. Please use the latest version of major browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. However, the application may not work properly depending on its compatibility with your OS and browser, or browser settings. Some smartphones and tablets are not capable of updating browsers. Please use a PC or smartphone that can update to the the latest browser.

  • E-mail address for the temporary registration and for receiving the completion notice of application. Please adjust your e-mail setting to receive mails from

  • Credit card for payment. Either VISA or Master card is acceptable.

How to apply online
  1. Click the “Apply now” button.
  2. Please read the agreement carefully before registering. Fill in your email address and click “Send”. Your temporary registration is completed. If you don’t receive an email from us within the next 24 hours, please contact or call us at 0129-85-5931 if you are in Japan or +81-985-85-5931 if you are abroad.
  3. Access MIU’s Internet Application site at the URL included in the email you received. Fill in the information according to the instructions provided. *If your name can be written in Chinese characters, please write it directly by hand on the printed application form.
  4. Pay the application fee with your credit card. Either VISA or Master card is accepted.
  5. After the payment is completed, you will receive the Receipt Number you will need to print your application form. Click “Go to Application Issuance Form”, enter your Receipt Number, download your application form and print it out. You will also receive an email notice of completion of payment which has the same Reciept Number.
Mail your application form with other application documents.

Please check here for the required documents for application. 

After completing the online application, send the required documents to Miyazaki International University. All paper-based documents must be postmarked by June 16, 202e for the Fall Admission, or December 8, 2023 for the General Admissions Round 1, or January 12, 2024 for the General Admissions Round 2, or March 12, 2024 for the General Admissions Round 3*. Read the following items carefully.
*General Admissions Round 3 is for candidates who hold valid student VISA only.

  • Confirm that all the required documents complete before mailing them.
  • When applying from inside Japan, send the application documents by registered express mail.
  • When applying from outside Japan, submit the application documents by EMS, DHL, or other means which have a tracking system.
  • If the application documents are incomplete or not post marked by each deadline, the application will not be accepted.
  • Submission of false documents will disqualify the applicant from the application process.
  • Changes cannot be made on the application documents after submission.
  • Once the application documents are submitted and the payment is complete, the documents and the application fee cannot be returned under any circumstances.
Entrance Exam

Once Miyazaki International University receive the application documents and the application fee, applicant will be contacted to schedule the interview test. Please make sure to include your email address and telephone number in the application form we can contact you between 9:00 to 17:00 Japan time. 

Interview test is conducted on-campus unless you are residing abroad and unable to appear in person. Please choose Miyazaki if you are in Japan. Please choose WEB if you are not in Japan, and make sure to add your SKYPE ID.