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Career Support

Taking advantage of being a small college, we conduct individual interviews for junior and senior students in addition to providing career education programs and career guidance. Through the interviews, we give students individually tailored advice on the next step after their graduation and provide them with information on job offers that best suit them.

Moreover, we established the Personal Development Center as a facility designed for students’ self-directed study for their careers and to provide additional career support.

We also publish information on job offers as well as on job fairs. (Japanese Pages Only)

Career Guidance

To allow sufficient study time for students and to encourage more students to study abroad, the period from which Japanese companies start recruiting has changed. This has forced students to finish their job-hunting in a short period, and some students worry that this will result in a narrower range of possible job choices. Responding to these conditions, we are providing career support and guidance in a variety of ways, and we are offering proper assistance to each student.

Lectures for Interview/Group Discussion/Job Application Preparation

We offer job-hunting preparation lectures in which students:

  • learn how to write “self-PR” which is essential in job applications
  • obtain recruitment trends information  
  • practice individual or group interviews as well as group discussions
SPI Test Preparation Course (12 classes all together)

We invite lecturers to teach a course for SPI test preparation. (This course is free of charge)

Airline Seminar (twice a year)

An ECC airline employee gives an informational talk on the airline industry including information on the kinds of jobs available and the employment exam schedule, and the guest speaker teaches proper posture and manners for applicants taking the industry exams.

Presentations by Successful Students
These sessions are open to all students and are led by senior students who got job offers. During their presentations, they share their experience with job-hunting, for example what was difficult during job-hunting or how to narrow down the number of companies to which you want to apply.
Job Hunting Seminar for International Students

MIC holds a job-hunting seminar for international students inviting a career supporter of Mynavi Corporation.  This seminar provides students with some of the important information they need for successful job-hunting in Japan, such as methods for researching individual companies and industries, useful information resources and focal points, and how to make the most use of the Mynavi service.

Opportunities to Meet Influential Guest Speakers

One of the benefits of being a student of a small learning community like MIC, is to be able to interact, not just by listening to their speeches,  with influential people when they come to the campus as guest speakers. In 2019, we had visits from the US Consul for Public Affairs and the Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Japan.

A Preparatory Session for the Civil Servant Exam

For those who wish to be a civil servant, this session provides:

  • an explanation of the kinds of civil servants
  • details of the civil servant exam such as the contents and the time it is conducted
  • advice on how to prepare for the exam


You can participate in internships in a variety of companies both inside and outside of the prefecture to experience real work. Our students, including graduates, join a lot of internships every year. We provide a meeting on internship where you can get seniors’ advice on how to best utilize your internship.

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Career Design Classes (International Studies)

Career design classes include the following:

  • a talk by representatives from various companies
  • activities in which students enhance their awareness of work such as why people work
  • opportunities to learn various techniques for Microsoft Word and Excel.

Through such classes, students will prepare to become a working member of society.

Among these, talks by business people allow students to learn about different types of jobs and the speakers’ experiences, which helps to broaden students’ choices after graduating and increases their knowledge about which career path to take.

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Other Support

Individual Interview

Staff members from the Career and Advanced Study Support Center carry out interviews with each student, consulting about their next step after graduating or how they are preparing for job-hunting.

Students can also have their job applications corrected and practice interviewing.

Career Support Services from Employment Security Office

Counselors from an employment security office come to the university once a week to offer career support services (job application corrections, interview practice, etc.).

To use the services, reservations at the Career and Advanced Study Support Center are necessary in advance.

“Advice from seniors and the career support room helped me enormously during job-hunting”

There were two elements that were of great help when I was job-hunting: one of which was seniors’ advice that studying at MIC is advantageous when it comes to job interviews. At MIC, we engage in interactive classroom activities in small classes from the first year. Therefore, we are always required to organize our thoughts and think about how we can share our views and interests with others. In four years, I acquired the basic ability to make myself understood in interviewers even in a limited amount of time.

The career support room also helped me enormously by giving me a lot of confidence. While job-hunting, I was full of anxieties, but the career support room allowed me to discover my strengths by giving me opportunities to look back on my study abroad experience in which I became aware of my intellectual behavior cultivated at MIC, as well as on my student life in which I soaked myself with English every day. Thanks to such support, I was able to job-hunt in my own way and successfully get a job at a financial institution of my choice.