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Exchange Programs

The Exchange Student Program is offered in the second semester (September to December) of the third year. Those who wish to participate in this program must have a minimum TOEIC score of 600 and satisfy all of the other requirements. The primary purpose of this program is to deepen your understanding of the country or area where you study, but it is also a great opportunity to further develop a global mindset and to hone flexible communication skills through interactions with your classmates abroad. All of these competencies are essential to playing an active role on the global stage. As an official part of the MIC curriculum, the credits you earn abroad for designated courses will count toward your graduation requirements (exceptions include Korean and other language courses).

Examples of courses offered at Yeungnam University (Korea) Modern Korean Society, Colonialism and Nationalism in Asia, International Manners and Protocol, Research on North America, and Writing in Korean.

All the courses at our partner universities are offered in English, and MIC students study along with local and exchange students from other countries. Because it is an exchange program, you do not have to pay tuition at the university abroad. While on exchange, you will live in a dormitory which will give you even more chances to communicate with other program participants in English. This experience is not only great for further improving your English proficiency; it is also an important opportunity to study and prepare for life after college. And best of all, it is an excellent opportunity to make lifetime friends from all over the world.

Students Voices

Centennial College (Hong Kong)

Program term: September 2016 – December 2016 (4 months)

​Gained research and presentation experience in a small-class setting
The classes at Centennial College were relatively small and there was a close bond between teachers and students. I had fun studying there. I was always interested in linguistics courses, and I learned about linguistic characteristics and language rules for the first time. I worked on a project where I researched and made a presentation on a topic of my choice and felt a great sense of accomplishment. I also attended sightseeing trips around the city and food culture exchange events, which gave me many opportunities to interact with students from Hong Kong and other countries. What especially fascinated me was the Moon Festival where we viewed the moon while eating moon cakes and holding a lantern. It was a new and different cultural experience for me. Although it was a short-term stay, it was really fulfilling as I was able to study in an environment where people speak both English and Cantonese, and I also learned more about the culture of Hong Kong.

Yeungnam University (South Korea)

Program term: September 2015 – July 2016 (10 months)

A stimulating time with students from other countries

I studied at Yeungnam University for a year as an exchange student. I took courses with many foreign students from various countries, and they were really proactive in classes, for example, eagerly participating in discussions. I learned a lot from them through daily conversations, such as the importance of having my own opinion and expressing it actively. It was a truly meaningful experience for me.