Miyazaki International CollegeMiyazaki International College


School of International Liberal Arts
Dean of Faculty
Anderson Passos

In the School of Liberal Arts, every student is the refined product of custom craftsmanship honed throughout the four years of their academic careers. With three semesters of team teaching (language and content specialists sharing the same classroom), and an advisor system that spans throughout the four years of student life, the School of International Liberal Arts is the perfect environment for enabling students to flourish and develop to their full potential.

In recent years, Monbukagakusho has started to emphasize critical thinking and active learning in Japanese higher education. Since the establishment of MIC in 1994, when the School of International Liberal Arts was our only faculty, all our classes have implemented these concepts. Additionally, looking at our graduates, the effects of our educational program are evident with students working in high demand jobs in a wide range of areas. For these reasons I am very confident to say that Miyazaki International College is one of the best places (if not the best place) in Japan to study Liberal Arts.

With an emphasis on English and Japanese language, career education classes that prepare students for the job market, a vibrant and supportive community and specialized courses that aim to deepen student understanding in their areas of interest, we have been successful in nurturing bilingual students who are responsible citizens ready to take on regional and global issues.

But don’t take my word for it. I invite you to come to one of our open campus or open school events and see for yourself how amazing our institution and our educational system really is.