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Study Abroad

Significance of MIC’s Study Abroad Program

People often say, “If you go abroad, you will be able to improve your English skills without fail”. But is this really true? From a theoretical point of view, as well as from the data of many students, the answer is “No”. At the very least, the English skills needed to succeed in today’s global society cannot be acquired simply by going abroad. If you only want to raise your scores on English tests, you can do that in Japan.

The main purpose of our Study Abroad Program is for students to improve their communication skills and to develop young men and women with broad perspectives. They achieve this by developing an understanding of others and themselves and by facilitating understanding by others through firsthand communication with people from many different cultures. In order to be an effective global communicator, however, one must have advanced English skills. The MIC Study Abroad Program provides students great opportunities inside and outside of the classroom to improve their English skills as a means of global communication, and to prepare themselves for their future studies and careers.

Student's experience at the Program

Studied at Sonoma State  (USA)

2016 September-December (4 months)

I knew it from the heart that I would only go to the United States for the study abroad program. While I was in the United States,  I tried to experience as much as possible. Academic study is something I can do even at MIC, so in all cases I actively exchange with other international students from around the world including the Unites State, Germany and others.  I tried not to miss any opportunities I thought useful in the future. It was one of the reasons I visited SAP Academy (overseas training program of SAP Japan Co., Ltd.) before and during the program. The Vice President of SAP Japan and the eight new employees of SAP Japan including a MIC graduate helped me to learn when I was visiting there. I was thrilled to see all the excellent people of SAP Japan receiving the high level training with other employees from all over the world.

Every new culture I met in America was fresh and eye opening to me. Through all the interactions with friends from many different cultures, I could cultivate Critical Thinking (Critical / Analytical thinking ability) and Communication skills and more. This study abroad program was a good opportunity to expand my perspective.

3 Training Programs

① Main program to choose from 15 universities in 5 countries

The training period is 16 weeks, and the training is at 15 universities in 5 English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand).

② Less Cost Hybrid Program

Hybrid Program is a program that combines 2 months on-campus training and 2 months overseas training. Compared to the main program, the tocal cost will be about 60%. Hybrid Program is available with Sonoma State University (USA) and University of Victoria (Canada).

※The university of the training program may change.

③ Tuition Free Asian Program

Tuition fees to the university of Asian Program will be exempted because you will be dispatched to the academic agreement signing school as an exchange student. Classes are conducted in English. The universities of Asian program are Yeungnam University (Korea), Sookmyung Women's University (Korea), and Centennial University (Hong Kong).

※ Require a  level of English proficiency (TOEIC 600 points - 750 points) · Academic achievement (average grading result).

Flow of Study Abroad

Support by MIC

  • Overseas Training Program Briefing Session
  • Individual Consultation
  • Seminar for overseas training advance guidance
  • Arrangement of homestay
  • Visa procedure
  • Study abroad insurance procedure

  • Support during your stay (mail, LINE, phone)