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The Classroom Experience

Reading 1

Gain ability to read comprehension

The purpose of this class is to gain the ability to read and understand. We give lessons such as speed reading to answer the questions by reading as fast as possible while counting time, reading, comprehension, questions and forms of verbal learning. The student reads a textbook to understand, enjoy and gain such ability. As for the purpose of the whole curriculum, they are preparing to work on advanced subjects from now on by training in both reading speed and reading comprehension and construct vocabulary skill as its basis. We work on worksheets for vocabulary learning and reading comprehension together, becoming a fun interactive activity. We are learning in a fun atmosphere while improving as a group.

Student Voice

This class is constructed mainly of 3 parts,  such as reading designated sentences from the textbook in a certain amount of time and finding the correct answer, thoroughly reading through a variety of fields such as the  environment and books rented from the library. We also have speed reading time and share various topics with the people around us. The teachers give us necessary support if we do not understand. In this class, we gained not only reading ability but also the ability to concentrate with a broader way of thinking.

Introduction to Natural/Life Science

Learn the Field of Natural and Life Science

In this class, we study natural and life science. Sometimes we study by going outside and making experiments that use more than one day. 

Also, even if you are not good at English, you can take the class with ease because it is a team-taught class, with an Expert teacher and an English teacher who explain the contents in easy to understand English. You can also improve your communication skills because there is a lot of group work, of course, using English.

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In this class, we study natural and life science. We can study by going outside or making a experiment for days. 

Also, even if you are not well at English, you can take the class with ease because we can take team teaching class, there're Expert teacher and English teacher who explain the contents in easy English, till 2nd year.  You can study delightfully communicating with friends in English because the most of parts are group work. 

Introduction to Information and Communication Technology

Gain IT skill

We study environmental problems and energy sources considered environmentally important and write, analyze and give a speech about those topics while using the computer effectively in order to acquire relevant words and language skills. 

The students can record the outcomes in the high school using an e-portfolio system efficiently and improving the activities of the study as a result. To get a good result in this class, we are require an understanding of environmental problems confidently, learning the necessary advanced-level vocabulary to debate them, being able to use the tablet and computer effectively and understand the e-portfolio system while being able to use it in other classes.

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In this class, we study about environmental problems using both the tablet and computer. It is separated by day in which we study Word and Excel and in days we learn knowledge of environmental problems. At the end of the class, all students give a presentation about a specific environmental problem and give a speech about what skill they studied in the class. It is a class with a small number of students so we can gain the ability to speak aggressively through the class.

Comparative Literature

Study literatures of the world

We study the basis and methods of comparative literature. Comparative literature is a study of various places, languages and literature from a systematic point of view. Reading and understanding a series of literary work written about similar social problems and opposition by various methods from wide viewpoint. Pluralistic literature study makes view of the world multi-layered. We deepen understanding about designated themes and cultures through poems, comics and sometimes video games of such as Japan, Iran and USA. We explore the connection of style and content, relationship between literature and other arts and complicated correlation that humans create.

By studying beyond the range of literary works, the students can broaden and deepen their view, allowing them to grow into citizens more capable of understanding the world.

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In this class, we can grasp the ways of various countries and can gain an ability to think from various positions. If you read literary works of each country in English, there is a new discovery. You can especially enjoy more if you compare with the original. The teachers teach knowledge of literature and a way of thinking aggressively for us to think deeply. We can train the ability of thinking through the class. 

Development of Modern Art and Architecture

Understanding the Western Art

In this class, we study western art of the 20th century comprehensively. We emphasize active learning as the special feature of MIC and critical thinking, so we have many opportunities to make discussions of 20th century art (for example, impressionism, post-impressionism, expressionism and abstractionism).

Through such activities, we gain abilities such as detailed visual analysis, presentations, dialogue and discussion in a small group and be able to work on various English activities such as writing and speaking simultaneously. By studying in this class, we can deepen our understanding about history, theory and practices regarding modern art and architecture thus learning to appreciate Western visual culture from various angles.
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In this class, we study the transition from classical art from Leonardo da Vinci’s representation of Impressionism to Oscar-Claude Monet, examining it from a historically-based background.

The way of proceeding in the class is to explore what special features each form of art have and what caused revolutions while enjoying the creativity itself. Such deep reading brings out a genuine interest to art. It can embraced in a way that is often rare from a everyday point of view.