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Study the Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Tradition

Miyazaki International College (MIC) was the first college in Japan where students could study Liberal Arts in English, but Liberal Arts education has a long history.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the purpose of a liberal arts education was to create responsible citizens who could make decisions about important public issues, participate in work and social life, and live a cultured life. These ideas continued to develop in Europe, and the first liberal arts colleges were established in America in the 18th century.

Studying the Liberal Arts is good preparation for becoming a global citizen!

Studying the Liberal Arts is good preparation for becoming a global citizen because in today’s world you need advanced language and thinking skills. In addition to studying English or other foreign languages, at MIC you will develop a wide perspective on the world by studying subjects like Economics, Literature, History, Psychology, Politics, and Philosophy. In the third year, you develop advanced knowledge by studying a major like the Humanities, Social Sciences, or English Language and Cultures. At MIC, you will also take classes in Area Studies, ICT, Career Design and Japanese. This exemplifies the traditional liberal arts education: begin with exposure to a broad range of subjects before focusing on one area for specialization.

MIC's perfect learning environment for studying the Liberal Arts

MIC has the perfect learning environment for studying the Liberal Arts because we have small, active classes and international professors. Most classes have fewer than twenty students, and MIC has the best student-to-teacher ratio in Japan! In a small class, you can comfortably share your opinion and join in discussions with your classmates and professors. Also, because most MIC professors are foreigners, you can study Liberal Arts with experts from around the world. This is how studying at MIC helps you prepare for life as a global citizen.

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