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MIU/GEPPOGender Equality Promotion Planning Office

According to the "Gender Gap Report" published by the World Economic Forum in 2021, Japan ranked 120th out of 156 countries. Miyazaki International College has "Respect and Diligence" as its institutional credo. The idea of reducing the gender gap and having men and women participate jointly matches the spirit of Respect. Based on its institutional credo, the university will endeavor to minimize the gender gap of faculty and staff and strive to create a work environment where faculty and staff can demonstrate their abilities regardless of gender. This planning office was organized to achieve such a purpose.
Chair Reiko Kagawa
(Assistant to the President)
Committee member Mai Sakakura (Associate Professor, School of Education)
Megumi Yamashita (Lecturer, School of Education)
Lloyd Walker (Director, Center for Community Outreach, MIU & MGJC)
Maiko Fujie (Assistant Manager, General Affairs)
Ellen Head (Associate Professor, School of International Liberal Arts)

MGJC: Miyazaki Gakuen Junior College

GEPPO plans and carries out the following initiatives.

1. GEPPO will grasp the current situation and issues of gender equality at MIU and strive to promote the employment and utilization of female faculty and staff.

2. Regardless of the gender or job title of our faculty, staff and students, GEPPO will make efforts to enable everyone to lead a more balanced life (improvement of life-work balance) while demonstrating their individuality and abilities.

3. GEPPO promotes women's participation in the operation and management or in the decision-making of the university.

4. GEPPO will actively promote employment and fostering of female managers in the university’s administration.

5. In order to respond to various problems that students, faculty and staff have regarding the realization of work-life management, GEPPO will work to enhance the consultation system.

6. In addition, GEPPO will consider measures to be taken when issues that are against the spirit of gender equality arise.

Achievements for 2022

1. Staff survey was conducted regarding the work environment to improve the work-life balance of staff.

2. Work review request was submitted based on the survey above.

3. Organized and held a workshop with the University of Miyazaki to exchange ideas with their female administrative staff.

4. Below are the female faculty members promoted.

All effective as of April 1, 2023.

Cathrine-Mette Mork       Associate Professor to Professor
Ellen Head                     Lecturer to Associate Professor
Aya Kasai                       Lecturer to Associate Professor
Mai Sakakura                 Lecturer to Associate Professor
Megumi Yamashita         Research Associate to Lecturer

5. One new female faculty member was hired for the 2023 academic year.

6. One female faculty member was promoted to be an executive.

Tomoko Shiraishi, Professor in the School of Education, now holds a concurrent position as Vice President of Miyazaki Gakuen Junior College.