Basic Facts

About MIC

  • 4-YEAR COLLEGE operated by Miyazaki Educational Institution
  • 20th ANNIVERSARY Established April 1994
  • Educational Credo“Respect and Diligence”
  • School of International Liberal Arts and School of Education
  • Selected for MEXT Acceleration Program (AP) for educational reform 2014-2018
  • Basic Facts

School of International Liberal Arts

  • First in Japan to offer All Classes in English
  • Liberal Arts Education in English
  • Active learning Small Classes
  • 16-weeks Required Study Abroad
  • JAPAN No.1 International faculty ratio
  • Advanced English Proficiency exceeding national average in only 2 years
  • Graduates working in Diverse Fields of Employment
  • Level 1 JHS Teacher License Level 1 HS Teacher License

School of Education

  • Established April 2014
  • Level 1 Elementary School Teacher License Level 1 Kindergarten School Teacher License Nursery School Instructor
  • Fostering Excellent Educators Good Citizens
  • Environment conducive to cultivation of Strong English and Music Skills
  • Institutional support for Success in Teacher Employment Exam