Miyazaki-Human Rights Awareness Event PROJECT 8.9 was successfully held!


MIC Rainbow Cafe (Ally Group) held a participatory art-event called PROJECT 8.9 on July 8th as part of Miyazaki prefecture’s human rights awareness project! In this event, participants assembled two rainbow benches together. The figure 8.9 represents the percentage of LGBTQ+ people in Japan (Dentsu 2021). In other words, one out of every 10 to 13 people in Japan is an LGBTQ+. This is more than the surnames “Suzuki” or “Sato” that are very common in Japan.

Just as different colors create one rainbow in the sky, our society is the work of different people. There is no line that divides the colors of the rainbow. There is no line that divides here and there. Through this art project we imagined a world where each person could live their life with their unique identity.

Many students and teachers participated in this event, and through trial and error, we constructed the benches in vibrant rainbow colors! At the open campus held on July 17th, we displayed the rainbow benches in the school gate area so visitors could take photos with the benches. We will display them again at the open campus on August 7th. We look forward to your SNS posts of the bench photos with the following hashtags.


We hope our rainbow benches will become a symbol of Miyazaki International College, committed to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment for all.