The 2023 Entrance Ceremony was held


On Thursday, April 6, 2023, the Entrance Ceremony was held.

Six students from Nigeria, two students from South Korea and one student from Afghanistan were welcomed to Miyazaki International University as international students this Spring.

The representative of the entering undergraduate students made the following pledge: “in order to acquire a multifaceted viewpoint and become a person who can play an active role at the forefront of this global society, I will always strive toward my dreams as I engage in friendly competition with the wonderful friends who will be entering the university with me today. I will never forget my attitude to continue striving to achieve my dreams.”

The representative of the entering students of the new Graduate School of International Liberal Arts delivered his pledge in English.

The president of the Student Government gave a welcome speech and said “the experience gained by taking action on your own is invaluable, and I feel that the number of people I have met in the process, the time I spent trying to accomplish things, and all of the other things involved have led to my personal growth. I encourage everyone to give it a try.”, sending enthusiastic encouragement to the first-year students.

Congratulations to all of the entering students! All of us at Miyazaki International University will do our best to support your student life to make your time here at the university worthwhile.