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Listen to Jaesung Lee, Alumni in Korea

Mr. Jaesung Lee,  one of our international students from Korea, graduated Miyazaki International College with the highest honor in 2015. Jaesung is now working at our Seoul office and will be participating in the coming JASSO sponsored STUDY IN JAPAN FAIR 2018

He also contributed his own experinences while he was studying at Miyazaki International College to the special web site of STUDY IN JAPAN FAIR 2018.

Check it out at http://e-studyjapan.co.kr/2018/interview/1100 

*STUDY IN JAPAN FAIR 2018 is a major college fair sponsored by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization). 98 higher education institutions (colleges, professional training schools, Japanese language schools) will meet at COEX on Sunday, September 9 2018. This is the event you can't miss if you are in Korea and are interested in pursuing your higher education in Japan.