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Public talk at National Dong Hwa University (Taiwan).

Dr. Debra Occhi will have a public talk at National Dong Hwa University (Taiwan) . Let's check it the information below.

DATE/  February 23

TIME/  12:40-13:30

“Mind your Manners and Have Fun” : Social and Affective Implications of Pokémon GO in Japanese Contexts
Pokémon GO is more than a popular game and top news story. Instead, as a cross-cultural product creatively using world places, Pokémon GO provides valuable insights into society, politics, history, geography, and notions of nation and home. It shows how digital media influences our interaction with the lived environment. In this talk Debra Occhi will discuss how the popularity of Pokemon GO led to a sense of fear and moral panic regarding the use of smartphones in Japanese public spaces. Looking at how Japanese society responded through personal safety instructions and training in public manners.

《寶可夢GO》不僅僅是一款流行遊戲和熱門新聞故事。相反地,作為一個創造性地利用世界各地的跨文化產品,《寶可夢GO》提供了對社會、政治、歷史、地理以及國家和家庭概念的寶貴見解,它展示了數位媒體如何影響我們與生活環境的互動。在這次演講中,Debra Occhi將和聽眾討論《寶可夢GO》的流行是如何導致人們對在日本公共場所使用智慧型手機產生恐懼和道德恐慌,並看看日本社會是如何透過個人安全指引和公共禮儀訓練對此做出反應。