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”Other/Wise" has been published.

”Other/Wise" written by Gregory Dunne, professor of American and British Literature at Miyazaki International College School of International Liberal Arts, has been published by Isobar Press (Tokyo & London).

This is Gregory Dunne's third collection of poetry. In this book, he "embraces love, attachment, and the passions, while recognizing how easily we all become entangled, even lost, in our relationships with others. Dunne’s gift is the ability to sit calmly with those knotted threads in our lives—the longing, the sensuousness—until the tension between unrequited desire and imperfect intimacy feels as natural and welcome as rain or tears. Other / Wise is an open-hearted journey of fatherhood, friendship, and faith—faith in the honest truths to be found in this life and celebrated in poetry. " ––Richard Jones, Author of Stranger on Earth.