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Will Hall solo exhibition in Gallery Suujin, Kyoto “That Syncing Feeling”

The School of International Liberal Arts faculty, William Hall will hold the exhibition in Gallery Suujin, Kyoto. The tile is "That Syncing Feeling".

We're looking forward to seeing you there.

This public exhibition is a poetic exploration of our spatial and perceptual environment.

Through a mixture of video, sculptural, and interactive art work, this exhibition challenges the conventions of our conscious experience. By abandoning our natural drift towards an easily understandable and familiar perceptual experience, this exhibition encourages us to question what we normally take for granted in our perceptual lives. A great part of our sensory experience is constantly filled-in and smoothed over by unconscious processes that help us function effortlessly. To focus on these parts might seem like a nonsense act, but maybe through this effort we can glimpse beneath the surface of our consciousness.