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The last MIC World Cafe of the year!

The Global Education Center held the last and 7th MIC World Cafe of the year on December 19. This is an event for International students and Japanese students to get together and have some fun.  As the holiday season is approaching, we started the event by decorating Christmas cakes.
Participants enjoyed this activity and did a great job.  4 gorgeous cakes! Don't they look yummy?

Three students who just came back from studying abroad also joined us this time. Participants asked them questions such as:  "What was the most memorable thing during the program?" "What was the biggest problem you experienced while staying abroad?" (To the student who went to Australia) "What was it like having Thanksgiving in summer?" 

The next MIC World Cafe will be held on January 21, 2020. This will be the last one of the semester. We hope to make it an event full of laughter and fun.