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2018 Entrance Ceremony is held.

On April 2 (Sun), we held the 25th Miyazaki International College Entrance Ceremony. 87 School of International Liberal Arts students and 46 School of Education students entered this year. 

In President Yamashita’s welcoming speech, she said "Through your studies at MIC, discover with your classmates scenery that you have never seen before, open your personal doors and meet new people you have never seen before. That is what you will experience in your 4 years of study at MIC. So, please believe in your possibilities, have courage and open your doors. Our faculty and staff will support your new learning with all our ability."

The student representing the entering class gave a speech in which she said "I want to be a person who can contribute to the international and local community by broadening my viewpoint and developing a broad range of knowledge."

The Student Government President said that "You might have a lot of anxiety, but do not worry. You will have friends who will encourage you, and you will enhance yourselves through friendly competition in your classes. Also, your teachers will support you and the senior students will be considerate of your anxiety and give you advice. You will enjoy MIC classes that you might feel are difficult at first. We will support you and help you get used to MIC life as soon as possible."