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Congratulations, Karina and Pei-En for Graduation!

Miyazaki International College held the 2022 graduation ceremony on March 11. We had two international students who graduated this year, Karina Kilivayeva from Kazakhstan and Pei-en Liao from Taiwan.
We asked them what was the best memory during the past 4 years at MIC , and what would be the next step after graduating MIC.

1.  The best memory from 4 years of studying at MIC is the connection between professors and students. MIC is a very small college where students can freely communicate with professors as they like. 

I can also mention the class contents and class structures that are very different from other colleges in Japan. As a student of MIC’s International Liberal Arts Department, I have gained a robust understanding of a Global Society and contemporary issues from courses such as Early Modern European History, a History of Western Modernity and its critics since 1789, International Relations, Theory and Practice of Conflict Resolutions and topics in Anthropology and Sociology.

In addition, MIC gave me a wide range of opportunities to take part in various volunterr works. I could take part in various types of volunteer works related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). For example, I joined "Habatake Global Seminar in Miyazaki" to contribute to goal 4 and goal 13 of SDG.

2. My further step is going to get my Master's degree at Sophia University. After graduating from there, I plan to work in the sphere of human rights. My goal is to become a project manager in an international organization. I would like to plan and coordinate activities related to the protection of human rights in developing countries. The subsector I am interrested to specialize in is investigation of violations and complaints of abuses to women’s rights, violence against children, and cases of religious intolerance.

The best memory at mic is when I passed JLPT N2 test, and that I worked as student assistant at mic. I helped some students to learn English and I also learned a lot of computer skills from Anderson. I installed most of the computers at MIC, such as the computers in ARC and other public spaces. 

The next step after mic is that I’ll go back Taiwan to work for a few years and get some experiences, then I want to go back to Japan to work.