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Dr. Tagawa's research was published in "PLOS ONE "*!

Dr. Kazuki Tagawa is a young and up-and-coming lecturer who was appointed to this college in 2019. He teaches courses in childcare (environment) in the Department of Child Education, School of Education, and specializes in the natural history and evolutionary ecology of insectivorous plants in his research. In particular, he has published a number of papers, mainly using field observation as his main method of research in various fields around Japan. This time, in collaboration with Kyushu University, his alma mater, his survey and research on edible insects in "Laos" in Southeast Asia were published in this journal.

The effects of season, geography, and urbanization on the diversity of edible insects at food markets in Laos. Kazuki Tagawa, Tadatsugu Hosoya, Kimihiko Hyakumura, Dai Suzuki, Satoshi Yoshizawa, Bounthob Praxaysombath: PLoS ONE 17(4), 2022, e0267307 (https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0267307)

(a) Various insects sold at street stalls in Laos; (b) Dragonfly nymphs, diving beetles, and shrimps sold in iced condition;  (c) Grasshoppers sold in boiled condition.

*PLOS ONE is an online journal launched in 2006 by the Public Library of Science (PLOS). At the time of its launch, it was a specialized journal that was revolutionary in that anyone anywhere on the planet could read scientific papers for free as long as they had access to the Internet, and it is known as a highly regarded journal worldwide (Impact Factor for 2021-2022: 3.73).