School of International Liberal Arts, Department of Comparative Culture

Message from the Dean

School of International Liberal Arts
Interim Dean of Faculty
Anderson Passos

The School of International Liberal Arts is an academic community where teachers nurture students’ intellectual development and prepare them for life as active international citizens. Under the guidance of our international faculty, students practice advanced academic skills, sharpen their thinking, and develop purposeful knowledge. Students first develop their academic interests and competencies by studying a broad range of disciplines. Then they choose an area of specialization and generate and pursue their own research questions working closely with an advisor. Each step of the process is to prepare students to achieve their life goals. Of course, they achieve all of this using English. 

One of the best things about the School of International Liberal Arts is that we are a supportive community where faculty members are eager to help students. We have small class sizes and use active learning, so teachers help you achieve your full potential. We also use class activities to develop critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is one of employers’ most sought-after employee attributes, and these are the skills you need to be an active international citizen.

Finally, the School of Liberal Arts is a close community where everyone knows and respects each other. We get to know each other through class discussions and school events. We respect each other knowing that one of the most interesting aspects of life is the great variety of cultures, ideas, and experiences we can share with each other. We’re ready to welcome you to our community.