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TOEIC Score-based view of English language improvement over 4 years

As a student, you will not enter the School of International Liberal Arts (SILA) simply to study English, but by using English as a tool for engaging in your studies in the international liberal arts, you will develop and strengthen your practical English skills.

TOEIC Score-based view of English language improvement in the first 2 years

Each graph represents the English language development of the top 20 students and the bottom 20 students in two years prior to promotion to the third year. If you are motivated, you will definitely see remarkable improvement in your English language skills, regardless of the level of your language abilities when you enter MIC.

What academic skills are developed in 4 years at MIC?

At MIC we conduct a satisfaction survey of all graduating students in the hopes of improving what we offer. From these results, it is clear that many of the skills students perceive themselves to have developed are those that are indispensable to surviving in international society. Advanced English language and communication skills are in particular demand in a wide range of industries.